What are the Most Beautiful Cities In The Var : Discover The Richness Of The Region !

16 May 2023

The Var is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful regions of France. Located on the French Riviera, the Var is a region rich in history, culture, gastronomy and of course in sublime landscapes.

Among the assets of this region, the cities are undoubtedly the jewels in the crown. From the oldest port cities to modern cities, through charming small towns, the Var and its surroundings offer a diversity of amazing cities to discover.

In this blog, we will present you the most beautiful cities of the Var.


Toulon is one of the oldest port cities in France and has the particularity of having a magnificent bay. This city is known for its amazing architecture, its lively port and for its Provencal market. You can also visit the city’s cathedral which is an architectural and cultural marvel.


is a picturesque town located along the Var coast. The view of the sea is breathtaking, and the port offers a unique experience. The golden beach of Portissol is a peaceful and ideal place for families. The city also has many restaurants, cafes, stores and sports activities such as
swimming lessons
offering tourists a variety of choices.


Saint-Tropez is undoubtedly one of the most famous cities of the Var. It is famous for its picturesque harbor, beautiful beaches and chic, glamorous atmosphere. Movie stars, millionaires and tourists converge there to relax and enjoy the good life. Saint-Tropez is also known for its restaurants and luxury boutiques, making it a great vacation destination.

Island of Porquerolles

If you like islands and nature, the island of Porquerolles is an ideal vacation spot for you. This island is located off the Var coast and is accessible by boat. The beach of Porquerolles is one of the most beautiful beaches of the Var, with crystal clear water and fine sand. The beauty of the island of Porquerolles is complemented by its lavender fields and vineyards, which offer a unique experience.

Enjoying nature and the environment

Take advantage of the sun and the beautiful season to get closer to nature. Hiking in the mountains, camping in the forest and walking in nature parks are perfect activities to connect with the environment and recharge your batteries. Take advantage of this time to explore new places, contemplate breathtaking views and get away from the hassles of everyday life. Taking the time to relax in contact with nature will allow you to refocus on the essential, reduce your stress and find a healthy balance for your body and mind.


Hyères is a charming little town on the coast. The beaches of this city are simply beautiful. Here you will also find traditional fishing villages and a charming old walled city that are worth a visit.


Saint-Raphael is a picturesque town overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. This city is famous for its modern buildings and sandy beaches. Water activities are very popular here and you can also visit the city’s cathedral which is a must-see.

The Var is a great place to spend a vacation, whether it’s soaking up the sun in one of its popular resorts or exploring the wonders of its historic towns. The cities mentioned in this article are certainly not to be missed during your visit in the Var. We hope that this article has been useful to you and that you can enjoy the beauty of this French region.

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