6 Mistakes to avoid when crawling

24 March 2023

The crawl is a popular swim in pools and open water. It’s a great way to keep fit while enjoying the water. However, even though it is a relatively simple technique, there are mistakes that many swimmersmake when doing the swim crawl. If you want to improve your technique and maximize your performance, read this guide to discover the six mistakes to avoid when swimming the crawl.

1. Don't start with a fast free swim - focus on technique

When you first start swimming the crawl, it can be tempting to swim fast to warm up quickly. However, this can result in a disordered swimming technique. Instead, focus on your swimming technique : make sure your strokes are coordinated and that you move fluidly through the water. You can also try stretching exercises to warm up before you start swimming. In addition, swimming would make you more

2. Do not overextend your arms when swimming with your arms, as you will lose momentum

Many swimmers tend to stretch their arms when doing the front crawl, but this can actually slow down your speed in the water. Instead, you should try to keep your movement smooth and relaxed, keeping your arms slightly bent as you extend them. This will help you maintain your momentum in the water.

3. Remember to rotate your body - this will help you gain speed and efficiency in the water

The body pivot is a key technique to improve your crawl stroke. When you swim, your body must rotate on its longitudinal axis to generate more propulsive power. Try to focus on your body and rotate your torso with each stroke. This will increase your speed and efficiency in the water.

4. Be sure to keep your head down and your eyes on the bottom of the pool while swimming

The position of your head is very important when you crawl. You should try to maintain a low head position, looking down towards the bottom of the pool. This will help maintain good form while swimming and reduce drag in the water.

5. Don't neglect your kicks while swimming

The kicks are a key element of the swimming crawl. They provide significant propulsion through the water which can help to increase your speed. Try to keep your legs relaxed and in constant motion, keeping your knees slightly bent. Because they can be an important source of propulsion and help you move through the water faster. This will help you maximize the propulsion of your legs.

6. Avoid breathing too frequently - try to do it only a few times per length

Breathing is also an important part of the crawl stroke. Yet too many swimmers breathe too frequently, which can affect their performance in the water. Try to focus on your breathing as you swim, trying to do it only a few times per length. This will help you control your breathing and increase your speed in the water.

Swimming the crawl can be very rewarding, not only in terms of exercise, but also in terms of having fun in the water. However, to maximize your performance, it is important to avoid common mistakes that swimmers make. Do not hesitate to ask a professional coach to
. By following these six simple tips, you’ll be well on your way to improving your front crawl and mastering this popular swimming technique.

Good luck!

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