At what age can my child start baby swimming?

5 January 2024

Baby swimming: at what age can my child start?

Swim Stars’ baby swimming lessons allow your baby to become familiar with the aquatic environment as soon as possible. But at what age can my child really start baby swimming lessons?

Baby swimming lessons are possible from 4 months

Your child can start baby swimming lessons from the age of 4 monthsif they have been vaccinated, but it is generally available to children from their 4th month. Regardless of the age at which the child begins this activity, it will be beneficial to him. The length of the session will depend on its age and the child’s ability to to keep its body temperature. Indeed, your baby gets cold quickly. And indeed, in general, the recommended time in water at 32° is 30 minutes.

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And after 3 years?

From the age of 4 months, your child can join the baby swimming classes. But what about after 36 months?
To continue to introduce your child to water, there are other activities your child can try. And this time, all alone like a big man!
Beforelearning to swim, you can enroll your child in anti-drowning courses, such as the Auto-Rescue® courses offered by Swim Stars or the water garden courses that can be found in many municipal pools.

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