3 good reasons to change coaches

27 April 2021

Changing coaches: our 3 good reasons

Changing coaches can have many positive effects despite the parents’ concerns.

Your child is starting lessons with Swim Stars, and you can’t wait to meet the coach for a first swim lesson?

Would you like to keep the same coach because you are concerned that your child needs cues?
Do you think that its progress may be affected? But not at all!

Our 3 good reasons to change coaches

1) Change coach … to build confidence confidence

We know how essential it is for your child to trust and love their coach, so we work hard to build those strong relationships. Our coaches are able to quickly create a relationship of trust with their students. How do you do it? With just one or two swimming lessons, to get back to work and benefit from it.

2) Progress quickly

A new Swim Stars coach can bring a different look and fresh perspective to classes, helping your swimmer progress or perfect a new skill. It’s like walking away from a project at work or home, then returning to it in a few days, or asking a friend to take a look.

3) Benefit from a pedagogical follow-up

Swim Stars guarantees the consistency of the programs and the training of the coaches. More than a network, Swim Stars is first of all a philosophy. Even when changing coaches, Swim Stars always has the child’s best interest in mind. That’s why a pedagogical follow-up is rigorously kept by the coaches thanks to our new tracking app.

Confidence, progress and follow-up, this is the miracle recipe for the success of your little swimming stars!

Never forget that it is because we offer mobility and flexibility that our Swim Stars coaches can also be made to ride the wave.

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