Children and seniors, the first victims of accidental drowning: Swim Stars’ solutions

5 December 2019

Accidental drownings: children and seniors are the first victims

Santé publique France has released the 4th results of the 2018 Drowning Survey, conducted between June 1 and August 30. Accidental drownings in the majority of cases. But what are the recommended solutions? We present you the solutions of Swim Stars.

The alarming number of accidental drownings

The least we can say is that it is urgent to act against accidental drowning . Because children and seniors are the first victims.

Falls into water in private family pools of children under 6 years of age represent the majority of deaths in 77% of cases. As a result, the number of drownings in this age group has nearly doubled in 3 years, from 180 drownings in 2015 (for 23 deaths) to 322 drownings today (for 22 deaths).

For seniors, 65 years and older, accidental drownings are often due to a fainting spell, carelessness, or not knowing how to swim well. There were 213 (for 77 deaths).

We can’t say it enough. But a child who cannot swim must be accompanied by an adult in the water. And this is also true for a struggling adult.

The best way to prevent accidental falls is to monitor them.

Swim Stars has other solutions

  • For children under 6 years old

At Swim Stars, we recommend that children as young as 3 years old be introduced to water with the



The child first learns to save himself by developing survival reflexes in case of an accidental fall into the water:

– Do the plank to clear the airway and move
– Return to the edge of the pool and call for help
– Get out of the water alone or call for help

Indeed, thanks to this program, the child will be able to acquire the autonomy necessary for his safety in the water.

These basics will then allow him to learn to swim with the swimming lessons


from 5 years old, then


from the age of 6.

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