Lucien’s course at Swim Stars Molitor in the blog By Paulette

27 April 2021

Swim Stars Molitor in the blog By Paulette

Lucien, soon to be 5 years old, took swimming lessons with Swim Stars in our Molitor pool! By Paulette tells us.

The By Paulette blog followed the very young Lucien last February (2018) during his first learning class at the Molitor Hotel. The author of the blog, who is none other than Lucien’s mother, tells us about her day by gratifying us with sumptuous shots of the pool of the luxury hotel Molitor in Paris 16.


“Lucien loves water. Don’t most kids?

This morning, he did his first swimming lesson with Swim Stars at the Molitor pool.

Swim stars is a swimming school that offers courses for children from 3 years old. Lucien is too big for self-rescue classes but I think the principle is great. The idea is to teach children survival reflexes and thus provide a solution to the problem of drowning among the youngest.

For older children, the school offers courses to learn to swim or to improve their skills.

Lucien participated in a learning course, adapted to his age (soon to be 5 years old).

When he discovered the big pool of the indoor swimming pool of Molitor, I know that he was eager to go in the water but that he was also a little bit nervous! … “

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