National “Aquatic Literacy” Plan: Instructions for use

27 November 2019

“Aquatic Literacy: The National Plan’s Instructions for Use

The government’s Water Safety or anti-drowning plan is a much anticipated national scheme. In fact, this plan is complementary to the AUTO-RESCUE® program that Swim Stars has been delivering since 2016.

What should we remember about the “Aquatic Literacy” device?

So on Monday, April 15, 2019, the government launched a national plan with the goal of introducing children to swimming starting in kindergarten.

Developed with the Ministries of National Education and Youth, Interior, and Health, the program aims to :

become familiar with water from an early age
– to encourage learning to swim
– to prevent the risk of drowning

Coach and child pool Swim Stars

Several major axes are being tested

For kindergarten students from 4 years old:

– It is a condensed learning process over a week, with 2 sessions per day. Throughout the learning process, children are likely to develop a lasting foundation of aquatic fluency.

For parents:

– Didactic mini-videos detailing simple gestures to be practiced as a family in order to make children feel comfortable in the water and better prevent accidents.

For stakeholders:

The renovation of the learning of swimming by making the different existing tests evolve towards a unique reference for a better understanding and application.

For equipment:

– 15 million euros budget for the development of swimming pools and learning pools in areas with a shortage.

Finally, for the “Learn to Swim” program:

– Increasing the budget in 2019 to help fund swimming sessions for children in priority neighborhoods and rural areas.

– Extension of the scheme from age 4 (instead of 6) to age 12

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