Swimming, an anti-stress sport?

17 September 2021

Swimming as an anti-stress remedy!

If the benefits of swimming on the body have been widely demonstrated, the benefits of swimming on the morale are just as important. Most often recommended by doctors to treat many ailments including back problems, swimming is a perfect sport to fight stress and anxiety. Swim Stars Swim School shows you why swimming is a powerful stress reliever!

How does endorphin boost your mood?

The real player in stress reduction is the secretion of endorphins released by your body during physical effort. Endorphins have a euphoric effect and therefore help you to keep or regain your morale quickly. This natural hormone contributes strongly to mental health!

When you are stressed, it is therefore recommended to practice a regular sport activity. In addition to the action of endorphins, sport allows you to concentrate on your physical effort; it is therefore a good way to clear your mind!

Swimming, the ultimate anti-stress sport?

Swimming is a sport that is practiced in near weightlessness. When you touch the water, you feel only one third of your body weight, which makes you feel lighter . Moreover, swimming promotes deep and restful sleep thanks to the muscular relaxation following a session.

The benefits of swimming to overcome daily stress

  • Participating in swimming lessons year-round is the best way to stay physically and mentally fit

  • Water has soothing virtues: water has long been a symbol of renewal and clarity, as shown by certain studies which indicate that contact with this element has a remarkable effect on the brain

  • Swimming is a sport that keeps you in a good mood thanks to the secretion of endorphins

  • Quality sleep and less psychological fatigue

Anti-stress exercises to swim in happiness!

Swim Stars offers you anti-stress exercises to try in and out of the water such as :

Swimming, an anti-stress sport

Plank exercise in the water: Lie on your back with your arms and legs spread out on the surface of the water. For your comfort, you can position floats under your neck. The goal is to focus on your breathing and relax. This exercise gives you a feeling of lightness which is beneficial for the morale and to calm the stress.

Breathing exercise out of the water: the purpose of this exercise is to learn to coordinate your movements with your breathing. Begin by taking a slow, deep breath while raising your arms above your head. Then exhale slowly and completely while bringing your arms to your sides. Do a series of at least 10 round trips to feel a real sense of calm. This exercise incorporates the basic principles of yoga and the many benefits of breathing.

To enjoy the benefits of water and progress all year round, find the Swim Stars pool nearest you and come and take a discovery class!




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