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Top 5 beaches in France

5 June 2023

Ahhh, France… the picturesque Mediterranean bastion of beauty and culture. Whether you’re looking for a romantic getaway or a sunny beach with incredible views, France boasts some of the most beautiful beaches in Europe! From the famous Côte d’Azur coastline to innovative surf spots nestled in sleepy fishing villages, it’s easy to find your favorite sandy paradise among France’s iconic landscapes. Join us as we explore five of these breathtakingly beautiful beaches, offering special experiences that appeal to both adventure seekers and those looking for a quieter escape from everyday life in the urban hustle and bustle. We guarantee you won’t be disappointed!

#1 Plage de Carcans in Carcans-Maubuisson, Gironde

Located on the southern shore of Lake Carcans, Carcans-Maubuisson’s Carcans beach is the ideal place to relax and enjoy a spectacular sunset. With its clear, shallow waters, this beach is also suitable for families with young children. You can lie back on the soft, warm sand, or stroll along the beach and discover the many waterside cafés and restaurants. And for water sports enthusiasts, the beach is ideal for windsurfing and kitesurfing. Don’t miss the chance to spend a relaxing day on the Carcans beach in Carcans-Maubuisson, and enjoy an unforgettable sunset over the lake.

#2 Plage des Boucholeurs à L'Herbe, Landes

Plage des Boucholeurs in L’Herbe, Landes, is a dream destination for beach lovers. With its pristine white sands and crystal blue waters, this picturesque beach offers spectacular scenery that’s sure to amaze. Located on France’s Atlantic coast, Plage des Boucholeurs is the perfect place for the whole family to relax, or even for a romantic getaway. With its peaceful atmosphere and gentle waves, this beach is an ideal place for swimming and sunbathing, as well as for water sports. Whether you’re an expert surfer or just want to spend a relaxing day on the beach, Plage des Boucholeurs is the place for you.

#3 Plage de Cavalaire-sur-Mer in Cavalaire-sur-Mer, Var

Cavalaire-sur-Mer beach in Cavalaire-sur-Mer, Var is the perfect place for a fun-filled family day by the sea. With its fine golden sand and calm, clear waters, this beach is ideal for children who love building sandcastles or swimming in the sea. Parents can relax on the sun loungers and enjoy the breathtaking views of the Mediterranean while watching their children play happily. Beach facilities include shaded picnic areas, showers and toilets for added comfort. All in all, Cavalaire-sur-Mer beach is the perfect choice for a day of fun and relaxation for the whole family.

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#4 Plage de la Palue in Arradon, Morbihan

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La Plage des Boucholeurs à L'Herbe, Landes, est une destination de rêve pour les amoureux de la plage. Avec son sable blanc immaculé et ses eaux bleues cristallines - Swims Stars

#5 Plage de La Batterie au Crotoy near St Valery sur Somme, Somme

La Batterie beach in Le Crotoy, near St Valery sur Somme, is an unspoilt gem for nature lovers and landscape enthusiasts alike. With its breathtaking views of the neighbouring islands, this beach offers a unique and breathtaking spectacle. Its dunes and crystal-clear sea invite you to relax and contemplate. Visitors can recharge their batteries in complete tranquillity, far from the hustle and bustle and stress of the city. La Batterie beach is a natural haven of peace not to be missed on your visit to the Somme.

Visiting France’s most beautiful beaches is a great way to spend time with family and friends during the summer. From breathtaking views of nearby islands to family activities and attractions, France has something for everyone. Whether it’s spending a day in the sun or exploring the unique sites along the coast, you can be sure that a trip to one of these five French beaches will make for an unforgettable vacation. And if you want to have even more fun at the beach, you can sign up for the
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