With foam, the party is crazier

9 December 2019

5 activities for kids to do with…foam!

A rainy weekend? No problem! Take a look at our original mossy activities for kids. Wonder and laughter guaranteed!

On your feet, get set…go!

1) Prick dad’s shaving cream to make a work of art

How do you do it? We take a nice container and we mix food coloring (one or more colors) in the shaving cream and that’s it! Then, with the help of a toothpick and brushes, the shaving cream is swirled until a beautiful pattern is created.

2) Make rainbow foam

With a little soap, water, a blender and food coloring, the foam becomes rainbow! It’s a lot of fun for the little ones to see the material being (trans)formed. But be careful not to get soap in your eyes!

3) Make cloud paste

By mixing the soap of the brand
brand soap with water, a quick blast in the microwave and you’ll have a nice smelling cloud! It will then be possible to give it the shape and appearance you want by using colors and glitter or to use it in the shower or bath!

4) Make your own ice cream

With crushed ice cubes, a freezer bag, milk and flavorings, you can make your own ice cream. Fun activity (don’t forget the ice cream dance at the end!) and delicious, you can even add fruit and whipped cream mousse for decoration and delicacy before tasting!

And to close the top 5 activities for children with foam…

5) The “Partysaurus” in a disco bubble bath!

For a bathtub party, take inspiration from the short film
Partysaurus Rex
from the Toy Story cartoon. On plug in the speaker, gather all your
bath toys
(dinosaurs are de rigueur) and don’t forget the foaming soap and disco ball lights. Under the compulsory supervision of an adult, the foam bath disco evening can begin!




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