Opening of a Swim Stars pool in Nîmes on May 6th

5 May 2023

On May 6, a new aquatic space will open its doors in the city of Nîmes, France. Swim Stars Nîmes will be a place of learning and fun for all ages, with swimming lessons for toddlers, youth and adults, as well as activities. We will present you all you need to know about theopening of the pool
Swim Stars Nîmes

1. Safety and comfort first

Safety is a major concern for Swim Stars Nîmes. What you can expect when you visit Swim Stars Nîmes. When you visit, expect safety and comfort to come first. To ensure the safety and well-being of users, sanitary measures are in place, including strict cleaning protocols for common contact surfaces and regular disinfection of locker rooms. Moreover, the pool water is heated to 29°C for your optimal comfort and the Swim Stars team is there to welcome you, guide you and answer your questions.

2. The benefits of swimming at Swim Stars Nîmes

Swimming is one of the most complete sports for the body. It strengthens muscles, improves circulation, increases breathing capacity, and is a great way to relax. With Swim Stars Nîmes, you can choose from a variety of classes for all age and skill levels. Professional instructors are available to help you learn new skills and improve your techniques.

Swim Stars Nîmes offers many swimming benefits, including the ability to book up to the last minute and cancel free of charge up to 4 hours before class. In addition, you can start classes whenever you want and you will be in a small group with a coach in the water with the students. You also have access to all the pools in the network and can book all the available course programs. Whether you are a beginner or advanced, Swim Stars Nîmes has everything you need to improve your swimming technique and help you reach your goals.

3. Swim Stars Nîmes offers many fun activities

For the opening of the pool, a free snack is offered and you can try many leisure activities in addition to the swimming lessons.

Our swimming lessons in Nîmes are designed to meet the needs of all ages. We offer courses
Auto-Rescue® classes
courses for children as young as three years old, who learn lifesaving reflexes and basic swimming skills for life. For children from five years old, we offer
to acquire the fundamentals of swimming while developing their autonomy and technique. For children 8 years and older, our course Perf & Rescue consists in deepening their learning of the four strokes and perfecting their technique to become real dolphins. We also offer a course for
adult beginners
from 16 years old, who wish to become autonomous in the water. All our courses are supervised by qualified professionals for a safe and effective learning experience. Join us for a fun and rewarding swimming experience!

4. Book your discovery lesson for the opening of Swim Stars Nîmes

If you are interested in learning to swim, it’s not too late to sign up. However, availability is limited, so don’t wait any longer to book your lessons. Swimming lessons are led by experienced instructors who offer techniques to improve your technique. Choose the level of swimming that matches your skills.

For all those who want to discover swimming lessons, it’s time to book your discovery lesson at
Swim Stars
Nîmes. With the upcoming opening of the swimming center, you have the chance to learn to swim in a professional and welcoming atmosphere. Our experienced coaches are ready to help you perfect your technique and improve your safety in the water. So don’t wait any longer to try our discovery course and dive into the world of swimming with Swim Stars Nîmes.

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